Push branding further with a business card that a client can play with. Wanting to take my animated logo a step further, I was inspired to play with it in Augmented Reality. This in combination with the desire to have a business card that went beyond just the information on the back, I created an AR experience.

AR Logo


One of the biggest hurdles was making a non-traditional marker. Typical markers have a set of rules in order to work, one mainly being that the marker must be square. I had to break that rule with NFT (Natural Feature Tracking). With NFT the computer learns to track a set of images versus a square pattern. I chose to use a gaming webGL that had NFT capability: PlayCanvas.

Code for NFT


Once NFT was implemented, I created the 3D logo in Maya and brought it into PlayCanvas. Creating the object was fairly simple. Code was then needed to make the object spin and change color.

3D Logo Model

End Product

After getting NFT to work along side the 3D object whilst animating, all that needed to be done was positioning the object on top of the card. Now, I have a fully functunial AR experience with my business card.

User Setup Gallery